Starting A Business

Starting A Business

If you are starting a business – or want to go from a one-man-band to start a small team, we help you avoid the pitfalls many face in getting going. We show you how to build a sustainable company. We ensure that you build something that inspires you – and something you can own (vs. that owns you).

Our Business programmes enable you to get clarity & direction about who you are an entrepreneur – critical to establishing building your company.  We then enable your build your business step-by-step.  Ultimately, the goal is to build an enterprise in which you own the business (and the business doesn’t own you).

We help you:

  • Identify the impact you want to make with your professional life
  • Find the path of least resistance to achieving career fulfilment
  • Make the most of your natural talents
  • Start upon the pathway of going independent in a sustainable way, building on your success and making the most of your network


Business Compass: 3-session, 6 week programme designed to:

  • Create clarity & direction for you as an individual
  • Articulate the impact that you want to have with your business – Purpose / Enterprise Promise
  • Identify your personal Talent Profile
  • Identify your optimum team you must build
  • Evaluate potential opportunities for survive, strive or thrive

Business Pathway & Business Accelerator Programmes: 6-12 month semi-bespoke programmes designed to help you secure your next role/promotion

  • Clearly articulate what your business is setting out to accomplish and the unique difference it is making in the world
  • Use the entrepreneurial ways of thinking to explore potential opportunities
  • Refresh your professional profiles (LinkedIn, business website) to reflect your new business and establish any business profiles
  • Identify your Network and assess the role each person plays, and how you can effectively tap your network to advance your business
  • Assess potential opportunities to verify that they resonate with your business values
  • Develop ways to be confident and clear in networking opportunities
  • Implement strategies for building sustainable long-term wealth by advancing up the “wealth spectrum”
  • Make the most of your available resources, not just financial but also your time
  • Build strong, diverse teams around you, both at work, and in your wealth network, to advance your long-term goals



“I want to start a business, but not sure how I should go about it.”

We work with you to create clarity about what you want, why you want it and then identify what you should do to get there.  We explore your business ideas and how best you can leverage your current success to fast forward your business. We help you navigate your options and select the best course of action to move forward.


“I know my product/idea is good, but not sure how to grow my customer base and revenue”.

We help you clearly define and articulate what your unique value is.  We also look at what your message is.  People buy more than a product, they buy a brand. This is why fidelity to values and your Purpose is critical.  We help you communicate your business and build partners that grow your business rapidly.


“I’m thinking of starting my business, I know I need a team but can’t afford to hire.”

An effective team is paramount to accelerating your business.  It is also the key to working “on the business and not in it”.  Many early business owners end up worse off than when they were employed because they do not effectively build their teams.  We help you determine what sorts of people you need – and the best way to engage them.  Not all team members need to be be “employees”.  Many growing small business use creative ways to expand their team base and we can help you explore just how you might do that.

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