Career Change

Career Change

Looking to change career? We can support you in exploring a career change in a way that makes the most of your talent and skills and allows you to find something fulfilling. The biggest challenge many professionals face is leveraging what they have already built and avoiding “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”.  

Our Career Change programmes enable you to get clarity & direction in your career.  We then enable your career change by making the most of your network, skills and reputation to find fulfilling career options that are not just “different thing, same experience”.

We help you:

  • Identify the impact you want to make with your professional life
  • Find the path of least resistance to achieving career fulfilment
  • Make the most of your natural talents
  • Start upon the pathway of career change in a sustainable way, building on your success and making the most of your network


Career Compass: 3-session, 6 week programme designed to:

  • Create clarity & direction
  • Articulate the impact that you want to have with your career – Purpose
  • Identify your Talent Profile
  • Identify your optimum roles, environments, and business/project phases
  • Evaluate potential career opportunities for survive, strive or thrive

Career Pathway & Career Accelerator Programmes:

6-12 month semi-bespoke programmes designed to help you secure your next role/promotion

  • Clearly articulate what you are looking to find & accomplish
  • Use the entrepreneurial ways of thinking to explore potential career opportunities
  • Refresh your professional profiles (CV, LinkedIn) to reflect your experience in the context of your career Purpose
  • Identify your Network and assess the role each person plays, and how you can effectively tap your network to advance your career
  • Assess potential opportunities to verify that they resonate with your personal values
  • Develop ways to be confident and clear in opportunity exploratory meetings & job interviews
  • Implement strategies for building sustainable long-term wealth by advancing up the “wealth spectrum”
  • Make the most of your available resources, not just financial but also your time
  • Build strong, diverse teams around you, both at work, and in your wealth network, to advance your long-term goals



“I’m bored of this job, but I’m not sure what else I can do.”

We work with you to create clarity about what you want, then identify what you should do to get there. We explore your talents and how you can tap into your passions to find jobs and roles that “light you up”. We help you navigate your options and select the best course of action to move forward.


“I know what I want to do next, but I’m not sure how to do it without risking my income.”

With intense frustration mounting, some professionals “jump ship” before they have secured in their next source of income. We usually recommend against this high-risk strategy. We help you clearly define and articulate what you’re trying to do – and develop a plan for securing the next opportunity. We then help you confidently make changes with velocity.


“I feel like there’s ‘more to this’. I want to make a positive impact with my professional skills.”

You may already know you want to make a change. As professionals we gain skills and stature and many of us want to use the success to make a difference. Our programmes help you pinpoint the difference you’re keen to make, and pathways for leveraging your success to have the impact you always wanted.

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